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UDL actively encourages staff to take part in charitable and worthwhile causes allowing them to take time off to take part in events during normal working hours.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


UDL is an organic organisation, constantly evolving and striving to improve. It is UDL’s responsibility to ensure that we do not detrimentally impact our staff, clients or society in general in terms of operational, employment and environmental policies and we take this responsibility very seriously.


Corporate Social Responsibility is defined by the UK Department for Innovation and Skills as being:

‘…the voluntary action businesses take over and above legal requirements to manage and enhance economic, environmental and societal impacts ’


This policy is limited to the above definition and is embedded into the culture of UDL from induction. It applies to all employees and stakeholders of UDL.


UDL strives, where possible, to achieve the following:

1.   Sustainability

  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint

        - Through reducing how much waste we produce and
           recycling waste where possible

        - Encouraging consideration of environmental impact for both
           commuting and travelling on business

  • Working with business partners and service providers who hold the same values

2.   Clients

Implementing open, honest communications, billing procedures, and above all acting with integrity at all times in our dealings with clients.

3.   Employees

  • Valuing our people – they are the key to the ongoing success of UDL

  • Encouraging diversity and equality in everything we do. We are a signatory to IP Inclusive, a task force committed to making IP professions more inclusive. IP Inclusive aims to improve access to the professions, regardless of disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or social, economic or cultural background


  • Proactively investing in people in terms of their development and learning potential

  • Engaging with employees in open discussions on policies and procedures and encouraging suggestions where improvements can be made

  • Following stringent health and safety procedures to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of our staff, including annual training on DSE, Fire Prevention, H&S Awareness and Manual Handling.

  • Ensuring we always go above and beyond the minimum statutory requirements with regard to staff benefits, where possible

  • Communicating regularly with employees on issues of importance to encourage inclusion and ‘buy-in’

  • Aiming to be an ‘employer of choice’ for new and existing employees.

4.   Local Community

  • UDL actively encourages staff to take part in charitable and worthwhile causes. This can extend to offering ‘corporate’ donations to an individual taking part in an event, or allowing them to take time off to take part in events during normal working hours.

  • UDL has a Charity Panel made up of people at all levels, from all our geographic locations. It was set up with the purpose of choosing a charity for the firm to support and suggesting fundraising ideas.

  • Our chosen charity changes on an annual basis in order to allow the opportunity of supporting causes important to local offices or staff. In 2016 we are delighted to be working with Magic Breakfast, a charity that provides free, nutritious breakfasts to schools where over 35% of pupils are eligible for free school meals.  

  •                         Magic Breakfast

  • We actively try to support local businesses by approaching them first with regard to services and products required by the firm.

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