A solution to the world’s packaging problem?

Plastic pollution is a major problem. Floreon might just have the solution. We secured European protection for its innovative degradable plastics.

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Patent application


Drafted European patent application


Successful patent registration


Floreon has developed bioplastics as possible solutions to the current global plastics problem, including an innovative biodegradable and biocompostable polymer material, based on green materials.

These innovative materials are starch-derived polylactic acid (PLA) blends. Floreon then took the biocompostable material PLA and developed a blend with other environmentally friendly additives to create a bioplastic material that offers significant advantages over conventional oil-based plastics, including:

  • A manufacturing process which emits fewer greenhouse gases, based on a feed stock derived from abundant renewable sources.
  • A fully recyclable and compostable system.
  • The sourcing of materials from plants, rather than oil, which are 100% renewable.

Floreon needed to secure patent protection for its innovative degradable plastics.


We worked to secure a European patent for Floreon’s premier blend formulation, so that Floreon would be well-positioned commercially to maximise its efforts and make a significant impact on the worldwide plastics industry.


Floreon’s new environmentally friendly plastics are expected to be well received, being fully recyclable and biodegradable. The novel and inventive blends are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including sheet extrusion and printing, blow and injection moulding, film manufacture and 3D printing. Further information about Floreon and its fully biodegradable plastics can be found here.

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