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A significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions results from the manufacture of disposable oil-based plastic products. In addition, eight million tonnes of plastic waste from costal nations escapes into our oceans each year. This problem is compounded by the additives that oil-based plastics typically include to increase flexibility, strength and durability. These additives greatly extend product life, requiring anywhere between 400 and 1,000 years to break down.

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Floreon is a plant-based plastic that provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics. The award-winning, high-performance formulation derives from renewable crop sources such as corn and sugar beet to deliver a carbon footprint up to six times lower than oil-based plastics without compromising on performance. When the product reaches end of life, Floreon can be mechanically recycled, chemically recycled or commercially composted.

Floreon formed a partnership with the University of Sheffield to develop its unique polylactic acid (PLA)-based bioplastic, which has the potential to transform the packaging industry by providing a more versatile bioplastic suitable for a huge range of applications from drinks bottles to product and food packaging. Floreon has also adapted its bioplastics for the electronics market, since items like computers, laptops, smartphones, TVs and wearables are typically manufactured from oil-based source materials before quickly becoming obsolete and being discarded.


We’ve worked with Floreon for many years, recommending that it protects new innovations at an early stage of development through the filing of patent applications.

Any new patent applications complement and enhance Floreon’s existing patent portfolio. Both patent applications and granted patents are valuable company assets that enable businesses to secure an advantageous commercial composition against competitors. Such IP rights can also significantly enhance a company’s valuation and underpin licensing deals and acquisitions.

We helped Floreon protect its R&D efforts by filing patent applications for its new heat resistant and flame retardant PLA-based material. This bioplastic is perfectly suited for the manufacture of consumer electronics — any items designed to come into close contact with electricity supplied from the mains or an enclosed battery require such heat resistant properties.


Thanks in part to its robust IP portfolio, Floreon has secured a strong commercial position. Its new material is capable of manufacture using conventional molding and extrusion methods, providing a balance between ease of manufacturing and achieving a product with a low carbon footprint and the desired impact strength, toughness and fire/heat resistance.

We are proud to support Floreon as an ethical business that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout manufacturing and recycling processes. By protecting its efforts through the patent system, Floreon is well-positioned to take advantage of its innovative R&D.

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