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Faultcurrent Limited was founded in 2012 based on the research of Dr Jeremy Hall, an academic at Cardiff University, in the field of faultcurrent limiting technologies. This technology seeks to extend the fault carrying capacity of the existing power grid. We’ve worked with Faultcurrent since its inception, providing advice on a variety of IP matters.

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Dr Terence Broderick

By Dr Terence Broderick

Patent Attorney


In order to fully exploit the research conducted by Dr Hall, Faultcurrent needed to protect the IP in its findings.

Putting this protection in place would enable Faultcurrent to proceed through various rounds of funding and discussions with third parties. This would support it in developing its research findings as it commercialised the technology.

The formal step of registering the resulting IP was also required to ensure the business fully benefits from the exploitation of the IP in the technology.


We drafted patent applications covering various aspects of the technology and also implemented the formal steps involved with ensuring the IP covering the technology was registered in the name of Faultcurrent Limited.

The patent applications were initially filed in the UK and were eventually expanded to other territories including the US, Europe, Australia and Canada.


Faultcurrent has recently been granted patents in the UK and US. The company is positive about its chances of success in other territories.

For more information please contact Terence Broderick at tsb@udl.co.uk.

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