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Capital Refractories Ltd was pleased to announce the acquisition of Xeracarb Limited, a specialist silicon carbide composite ceramics manufacturer, in February 2017. Xeracarb was founded in 2011 and developed, in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University, a range of high performance silicon carbide composite ceramics for use in a variety of applications including body and vehicle armour, kiln furniture, burner nozzles, wear resistant parts and other technical engineering applications.

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The use of ceramics for high-demand applications, including wear-resistant parts and armour, continues to stretch the capabilities of existing ceramic composites. For example, with the advancement of weaponry and ballistics, there’s an increasing need for high intensity, impact resistant armour. Additionally, foundries and other engineering technologies continue to impose increasing stresses and strains on high-hardness materials such as ceramic kiln furniture, burner nozzles and other moving part components, which can significantly reduce a component's operational lifetime, leading to premature failure and, more significantly, operation and machine downtime.


Having worked with Xeracarb to secure granted patent protection for its composite ceramics in selected countries, we were happy to extend our assistance to Capital as the new owner of the technology and progress the remaining patent applications within the portfolio.


Capital is now well placed commercially to continue to extend its market presence within the high demand ceramics and foundry technology industries. James Newsome, Managing Director of CRL Group, commented: “I am delighted to announce Capital’s acquisition of XeraCarb Limited… the XeraCarb materials and technology augments our existing portfolio of materials including alumina, silica, magnesia and zirconia and our technical ceramic processes including vibro-casting, freeze casting, slip-casting, hydraulic pressing, iso-static pressing and injection moulding. This acquisition strengthens, and further diversifies, CRL Group’s technical ceramics businesses and offers our customers a wider choice of solutions”. Mr Nigel Robson, Director of Sales, further added: “this is a very exciting venture for Capital, it leads us into a new range of technical ceramics sales and opens up interesting and new markets, from armour and wear parts to kiln furniture and aluminium, it’s a diverse range and one that we will relish taking on board, we look forward to the challenge”.

Information on the new ceramics materials can be found here.

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