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Brandon Medical is an award winning, Yorkshire-based medical technology company with 65 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Its premium products include the high-tech operating theatre lights ASTRAMAXR HD-LED and QUASARR eLite, which are found in surgeries, clinics and hospitals throughout the world.

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Protecting a unique technology


Multiple patent applications


Secured valuable global IP rights


The invention which underpins ASTRAMAXR HD-LED and QUASARR eLite is a unique combination of HD-LEDs which give excellent colour rendition with red-balance control for optimum visualisation during surgery. The basic principles of the invention were conceived in 2007. Recognising the value of locality and reputation, Brandon Medical turned to us for advice on securing protection for its invention.


Dr Garry Stuttard was given the task of working with Brandon Medical and “impressed with his quick grasp of the details”. Garry was able to use his experience to prepare comprehensive patent applications and submit robust technical arguments during examination.


Garry has assisted Brandon Medical in obtaining multiple patents in Europe, the US and further afield. In doing so, Brandon Medical has secured valuable rights in several key aspects of its invention, including red-balance control and solid-state focusing.

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