Obtaining a global patent portfolio to forge collaborative partnerships

Ionix Advanced Technologies Limited is a Yorkshire-based company which has spun-off from University of Leeds. Ionix creates high-performance piezoelectric materials that can operate in extreme environments. This enables it to supply sensors, actuators and transducers for applications and markets which were previously inaccessible. This novel technology is based on more than a decade of research by the globally respected Institute of Materials Research at University of Leeds.

Case Study

Case Type

Patent application


Submitted technical arguments


Obtained multiple patents worldwide


The University and Ionix approached us to benefit from our renowned expertise in chemistry and materials-related inventions. The piezoelectric materials are solid solutions of ternary perovskite phases which may be doped to fine tune their properties. The complex task of drafting a patent application for these materials was given to Dr Garry Stuttard, who has a doctorate in inorganic chemistry and so was uniquely placed to fulfil the task.


Garry quickly gained a detailed understanding of the chemistry which is at the heart of piezoelectric materials, which enabled him to prepare comprehensive patent applications and submit robust technical arguments during examination.


Garry has now assisted Ionix to obtain multiple patents in Europe, the US, Japan and elsewhere. The patent portfolio has proved to be a useful tool in forging collaborative partnerships for further development of piezoelectric materials. As an investor-backed company, a robust patent portfolio has proved to be a cornerstone for Ionix.

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