Yorkshire Building Society

Reviewing trade mark portfolios after a number of acquisitions

Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) is the third-largest building society in the UK and has been our client for many years. The Society has grown and expanded through a series of mergers. We’ve worked with YBS on reviewing and rationalising the trade mark portfolios for the businesses it has acquired, resulting in substantial cost savings. In addition, we have dealt with various disputes and challenges to the Society’s brands, including objections by a well-known credit card company to its three circles logo.

Case Study

Case Type

Rationalising trade mark portfolios


Detailed searches and risk analyses


Secured a series of trade marks

Alan Fiddes

By Alan Fiddes



In 2014, we provided advice in relation to the protection of the changes to the overall brand image of the Group, when it was decided to have a single brand identity for its various businesses.


We undertook detailed searches for the proposed logos, straplines and brand images and providing a risk analysis to ensure that the new brand image did not conflict with any prior rights.


We put in place a series of registered trade marks to protect the new branding, as below.

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