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Switching out plastic packaging — how to protect innovation without patents or designs

Switch Packaging Specialists Ltd (Switch) creates standard and bespoke moulded, recycled pulp to replace polystyrene packaging. Its purpose is to remove plastic from packaging while understanding commercial needs.

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Trade mark protection


Protecting sustainable packaging


Registered trade mark for ERIC

Alison Cole

By Alison Cole

Senior Trade Mark Attorney


Needing to protect its innovative product, Switch Packaging Specialists came to us for advice. However, since the technology itself wasn’t new, securing patent protection was unlikely. Also, since its product can look different depending on each client’s tailored solution, registered design protection was unfeasible.

Switch thought it might have run out of options. However, it had come up with a unique name for its product — ERIC.


We advised that the best way to make an impact in such a crowded and innovative market would be to protect ERIC as a trade mark and then use this brand to provide Switch with a distinctive edge over its competitors. With such a memorable trade mark, once consumers become aware of the product, it should stick in the mind and encourage repeat custom.


Its registrations have since been granted and Switch is now able to challenge counterfeiters and copycats with confidence. By protecting its most unique and valuable asset, Switch has developed a unique industry proposition which is generating growth and ensuring that its brand truly stands out.

Ultimately, you don’t have to rely on patents or designs to protect innovation — many businesses have unique concepts that rely on existing technologies. There’s usually a way to protect your business — speak to an IP professional to unlock your possibilities.

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