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Valuable patent protection for revolutionary energy-efficient housing

Beattie Passive is a British, innovative low-energy housing design company certified by Passivhaus — the gold standard of energy efficient design. We’ve worked with the company for over a decade to secure patent protection in over 40 countries for its innovative, low-energy housing designs.

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Simon Raynor

By Simon Raynor



When Beattie Passive came up with a truly innovative and revolutionary building system that offered thermally efficient houses with ultra-low energy requirements, we faced a challenge — how could we persuade the national Patent Offices in numerous countries that the system was genuinely different from hundreds of earlier building systems that have been tried over the years?



Our involvement from such an early stage during the development of the building system gave us an insight into the key innovation — the ability to provide a single, unbroken insulating layer that extends continuously through the walls, roof and floor of the building. Having a great understanding of the building system’s unique features meant that we could convincingly explain how the invention differed from previous systems and was patentable. This enabled us to obtain global patent protection.

Following this initial success, we subsequently obtained additional patent protection for thermally efficient apartment buildings and a retrofit insulation system that substantially improves the efficiency and comfort of existing housing stock.


By working closely with the inventor, we ensured that the system’s essential features were identified and secured in the UK and subsequently in many other countries, to prevent any unauthorised copying of the system.

Beattie Passive is the first UK company to achieve certification from the German Passivhaus Institute for a complete Build System. The system provides an extremely high level of thermal efficiency, which minimises or eliminates the need for heating. By securing patent protection for the system, we were able to ensure that Beattie Passive can fully benefit from its innovations and provide housing that meets our world’s changing needs.

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