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A celebration of sustainability in fashion

Alison Cole

By Alison Cole

Senior Trade Mark Attorney

The 17th annual awards ceremony for all things luxury took place at The Dorchester in London last night. The glamorous Walpole Luxury Awards honour individuals and companies who have excelled in one or more of the categories aimed at rewarding the best brands in the luxury sector.

The main category of interest to us was 'Luxury with a Heart'. This rewards brands making significant environmental or sustainable endeavours. The nominees included Atelier Swarovski for its 'Created Diamonds' and Fairtrade Gold.


For more on the issue of synthetic diamonds and their effect on the diamond market, click the image above.

Another nominee was PORTER x Parley for the Oceans. This was a collaboration between the luxury e-tailer Net-a-Porter and the non-profit collaborative to highlight the impact of plastics on our planet. Although PORTER didn’t win the Luxury with a Heart award, its President Alison Loehnis did win 'Luxury Leader' for her work with the brand across all media.


My article on the future of fashion explored the environmental impact of fashion and the industry's shift towards sustainability. Click on the image above to read.

The ultimate winner was the V&A museum exhibition 'Fashioned From Nature', which encourages visitors to think about the origins of their outfits.

All in all, the awards were a great celebration of sustainability in fashion — a trend which we hope will continue to change attitudes and practices across the industry.

To find out more about protecting your sustainable fashion brand and products, feel free to get in touch with me at ajc@udl.co.uk.

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