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A distraction from the UEFA Champions League Final

So… it’s the UEFA Champions League final tomorrow night. Would it be wrong to interrupt my husband’s viewing by discussing the innovations associated with the ‘beautiful game’? Or, should I stick to “what’s the offside rule again…?"

On a more serious note, as FIFA comments: “New ideas are the driving force of the football industry for improving comfort, safety and performance”. There are innovations in the football itself, the boots, the kits, the turf, the energy drinks, the ‘magic spray’ that the team physios use, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), the Wearable Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS)… even the way that bets are placed.

So… if it does reach a penalty shoot-out and you need a distraction… FIFA’s innovation blog has some great articles about the latest and greatest technologies to hit the pitch.

ENJOY!!! (And come on you Reds!)

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