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Electric vehicles, virtual reality and femtech — 2019 year-in-review

From advances in automotive technologies, continuing the shift away from mechanics to software and green technology, to the femtech trend, which is generating rapid innovation in female health products — 2019 has been a fantastic and eventful year. Here's a round-up of some of our best content to celebrate the start of 2020.

Electric vehicle patent pledges — five key considerations when licensing


2019 saw Toyota grant 24,000 royalty-free licences to 'vehicle-electrification’ patents. While some may dismiss it as a mere publicity stunt, this Tesla-like move will surely increase the rate of mass-proliferation of low-carbon transport, helping the world to move away from fossil fuels. Here are our tips for companies considering taking advantage of such pledges, to ensure that you make the right decision.

Looking beyond lithium — renewable battery technologies


In a related story, we explored developments in lithium battery technology following the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry to to John B Goodenough, M Stanley Whittingham and Akira Yoshino. While demand for Li-ion batteries continues to increase, more innovation is needed to improve the technology further — and some recent breakthroughs hint at what might be in store in future.

How to protect your brand on social media — seven top tips


As social media continues to pervade our daily lives and with the rise of new platforms like Tik-Tok, the digital landscape certainly hasn't become any less complicated for brands during 2019. Here's our advice on how to use IP rights to protect your brand on social media.

How has virtual reality gone wireless?


2019 was a great year for VR. With one of the major players, Oculus, releasing a wholly wireless consumer headset, we looked at how the technology has advanced to reach this point since the original Oculus Rift hit markets back in 2016. VR is certainly a technology to watch in 2020, as its use continues to span industries including healthcare, education and retail.

Femtech start-ups — how to start thinking about intellectual property


One big trend in 2019 was the rise of femtech. While female health has traditionally been 'taboo' and pushed to the side, many companies are now finding innovative solutions to women's unique health issues. We came up with some tips for start-ups in this space to get thinking about IP — and hopefully get ahead in the market by protecting their brands effectively.

These technology areas are all likely to develop in new and exciting ways throughout 2020. As always, we'll continue to bring you news and insights from the world of IP — be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to keep up with our content.

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