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.eu domain names after Brexit — do you need a contingency plan?

Gareth Price

By Gareth Price


UK businesses which own .eu domain names are being urged to consider putting in place an alternative domain in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

A matter of urgency

As we reported last year, EURid (the .eu register operator) gave notice in March 2018 that businesses in the UK and individuals resident in the UK will no longer be eligible to own .eu domain name post-Brexit.

This notice has now been echoed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Businesses are advised to check their eligibility to own .eu domain names as a matter of urgency.

Eligibility criteria

The current rules provide that the following persons are eligible to register .eu domain names:

  • Undertakings having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the EU.
  • Organisations established within the EU (without prejudice to the application of national law).
  • Natural persons resident within the EU.

Following Brexit, organisations based in the UK which don’t have operations or individuals resident in the EU, will no longer be eligible to hold .eu domain names — nor be entitled to renew them. While delivering the deal negotiated with the EU remains the priority for the UK government, preparations must be made for every eventuality.

We recommend that businesses put in place contingency plans now by registering suitable .uk domain names or other gTLDs. If you need assistance to protect your business, get in touch with me at gip@udl.co.uk.

For more advice on IP rights after Brexit, read our full guide here.

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