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World IP Day 2021 — how to get started with IP for start-ups and SMEs

This World IP Day, discover a range of articles designed to help you get started on your IP journey. Whether you’re building a brand or commercialising a product, you need to prepare for the road ahead and protect your most valuable assets.

Find out:

  • Which type of IP is most relevant for your business
  • How trade marks can protect your brand throughout your business journey
  • The best approach to patents for a start-up or SME
  • How to protect IP in the creative industries
  • How to save corporation tax on your best-selling products
  • The importance of design rights

Four main types of IP — which is most relevant to you?

The four main types of IP are patents, trade marks, designs and copyright. According to the European Patent Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office, “SMEs that own a combination of patents, trade marks and registered designs generate almost double (98%) the revenue per employee compared with companies that do not own any of [these] three IP rights”.

To know which type of IP is most relevant to your business at this early stage, you need to decide what is unique about the product or service you offer. The most relevant form of IP is that which most effectively protects your unique selling point.

Often, more than a single type of IP right is relevant to your business and inevitably one may be more of a priority than another. Speak to an IP attorney about where to focus your efforts first, particularly if there are cost concerns or your product is yet to enter the market.

Find out more about each IP right through our resources below.

Preparing for the journey — from start-up to multimillion-pound acquisition

From modest start-up to multimillion-pound acquisition in just over 15 years, our longstanding client and leading menswear retailer END. has been on an incredible journey that demonstrates the value of securing IP rights early to protect your most valuable asset — your brand.

Discover how trade mark protection helped END. grow at pace around the world while fending off copycats and competitors.

The best approach to patents for a start-up or SME

As experts in protecting innovation, we know how many new ideas and concepts are emerging in the chemistry, material and battery tech sectors. Our short guide to patents will help companies like yours get started — and its principles can be applied to companies in any sector, running through the very basics of patenting inventions.

Discover what a patent is, what the benefits are and what is the best approach to protection for a start-up or SME that may not have a huge budget to spend on protecting IP.

Protecting IP for creatives — download our free guide

If you’re a games developer, marketing agency, film studio or any business operating in the creative industries, you need a solid grounding in IP to protect yourself and your clients. Having the ability to protect your ideas and the things you’ve created is critical.

Our research shows that many creative businesses have little or no knowledge of IP — so this guide takes you through the basics, featuring expert insights, case studies and opinions, informed by research with creative leaders.

How to save corporation tax on your best-selling products

You may have heard of the ‘patent box’, but did you know that you could take advantage of huge corporation tax savings on your best-selling products?

By patenting small modifications to your products, your business could grow at pace — could your business benefit?

The importance of design rights

We look at a high-profile case involving Jaguar Land Rover to illustrate how registered designs can be used to protect the shape and configurations of your products.

Discover why registered designs are generally more effective than trade marks when it comes to protecting the visual form or appearance of a product, including lines, contours, colours, shapes, textures, materials or ornamentation.

Get in touch for tailored advice

We work with a huge range of companies, from start-ups and SMEs through to multinationals. We understand that every business is different and needs tailored IP advice.

Get in touch with us today at hello@udl.co.uk to speak to an expert attorney that can guide you through the patent, trade mark or design process.

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