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20 March 2018

Protection of IP rights post-Brexit

Gareth Price comments on the new UK-EU agreement that will see certain IP rights protected after the post-Brexit transition period. Read More

19 March 2018

Microbiome inventions — patenting the gastric microbes that keep you healthy

Dr Simon Mitchell considers microbiome inventions at the European Patent Office. Read More

16 March 2018

Chicken wars

What restaurant sells peri peri chicken, has red, yellow and black branding, and sounds a lot like Nando’s? We look at a recent case of trade mark infringement. Read More

15 March 2018

Beating the Brexit blues with magnificent materials

Dr Ian Atkinson reports back from the Materials Research Exchange with insights about the sector, amidst talk of the UK’s declining manufacturing industry. Read More

12 March 2018

Can a colour be a shape? ꟷ Christian Louboutin update

What exactly makes up the concept of a shape? Sakura Proctor examines a recent case involving red-soled shoes, which led to an important question — can a colour be a shape? Read More

07 March 2018

Employee infidelity: What happens when an employee breaches confidence and how might it be prevented?

What can you do to protect your inventions and innovations from employees going rogue? Dr Terence Broderick explains how the law works with regards to confidentiality, and explores your options. Read More