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11 August 2017

Inventions to Ease the Summer Holidays

Ready for the deck chairs?   We have been trawling the patent specifications so that before you head off on your summer holiday this year you can see what the inventors of the world have been coming up with to ease you into that holiday spirit.....

deckchairs - 700 x 310

Worred about the Flight? 

Dreading the long-haul? Last year, British Airways filed a patent for a system for controlling a travel environment on an aircraft. The application describes the use of digital pills or other ingestible sensors that can be given to passengers upon boarding the plane. The sensors detect properties such as internal temperature and stomach acidity and relay messages to the cabin crew so that they know when you are cold or hungry   GB2538339

Feeling Travel Sick?

This trendy head-gear is said to prevent sickness, particular sea-sickness by applying heat to the base of the cranium  US 2082468

How About the Luggage?

Too many clothes for the hotel wardrobe? This one converts into a set of storage shelves - a home away from home?  US 20050126872

Missing the Swaying Palm Trees?

That's no problem!   This inventor has come up with a portable personal palm tree - so you can make a windy beach in Scarborough look like that palm fringed beach in the Caribbean  US 7226645
                                        pam tree  

Wanting that "Pale But Interesting" Look?....

No one wants to return from holiday with a sunburnt face…so how about a sun mask towel? This towel is placed over the user’s face and neck to protect the skin from harmful rays and has at least one eye slit for vision and (luckily) at least one breathing slit  US 7051371


 .......Or Looking for that All-Over Tan?

For those who want the full sun baked look, and the all over even tan, a solar controlled sun tracker may be what you are looking for on the beach.  The sun bather's lounge chair is rotated so that it is continually exposed to the sun while the sun direction changes from sunrise to sunset  US 5211172


Getting a bit too warm?

Finally, with a heat wave hitting Europe, surely everyone is in need of a 3-in-1 multi-functional sunhat with built in sunglasses and a motorised fan to keep cool?