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11 September 2017

Loaves at Dawn

He arrived back on our television screens last week, in the same tent, with the same challenges but missing his original sidekick Mary Berry. However, during the furore of Paul Hollywood jumping ship to Channel 4, there has been a trade mark issue brewing.

Paul Hollywood 700 310

Paul, via SSP Financing UK Limited, who run food outlets at train stations, applied for a European Union Trade Mark for KNEAD in May 2016, which proceeded to register in December 2016. It covers all the baked goods and confectionery you could ever ask for in Class 30, as well as the services for providing those baked goods in Class 43.

Meanwhile in March 2016, Anita Janusic, a Croatian-born baker, incorporated a Company in the UK called Knead Bakes Limited and opened bake stalls across London. Their chocolate crumpets are particularly popular, helped when BBC Good Food spotted them in Selfridges Food Hall and consequently significantly raised their profile. They also supply other luxury retailers including Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason.

However, Knead Bakes Limited only applied for the following trade mark in January 2017. They also applied to protect classes 30 and 43.  


Needless to say, Mr Hollywood’s side opposed the application in April 2017. It is unlikely that there will be any backing down, especially as it was recently announced that SSP is to open a new bakery and coffee concession at Euston station under the name KNEAD.

If Knead Bakes Limited has the funds to fight an opposition/file an invalidity action/run a passing off claim based on earlier unregistered trade mark use and reputation, then best of luck to her. It would be nice to hear of David beating Goliath in the trade mark world.

Knead Bakes are represented, so we will wait to see how this matter concludes.