Our firm

We are a leading intellectual property firm, specialising in British, European and international patent, trade mark, design and copyright law, from strategy and protection through to litigation and dispute resolution. We work with the organisations and technologies that shape the way we live and work today. Our team advises clients ranging from individuals setting up a new business through to multinational corporations, universities and research bodies. We help businesses by maximising the potential of their IP, protecting creativity and innovation. Our firm was established over 140 years ago and we have offices across the UK. We are regulated by IPREG and we are members and fellows of CIPA and CITMA.

Client testimonial
“I worked with Ian [Atkinson] in collaboration with external commercial and academic partners for more than six years. His technical and legal ability really added value to our external reputation. What he does is not just about the patent. It is also about demonstrating control, commitment, promise adherence and quality. Ian is an exceptionally talented and very motivated individual and has added significant value to our organisation.”

Head of CVD Business Development, Element Six Ltd

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