Milton Keynes

Dr Elizabeth Hynes

Patent Assistant

  • BSc in Theoretical Physics — University College Dublin
  • PhD in Experimental Polymer Physics — Swansea University

Elizabeth has a range of experience in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. She has assisted on cases involving agricultural machines, foundry equipment, LED units and commercial products. This work has involved assisting with opposition and invalidation, patent prosecution and drafting, infringement opinions and filing registered designs.

Elizabeth has a BSc Hons in theoretical physics from University College Dublin and a PhD in experimental polymer physics from Swansea University. The application of her PhD research was in organic photovoltaics where she discovered that the degree of polymerisation in polymer/fullerene systems impacts the phase behaviour in a similar and often analogous way to polymer/polymer systems. Her studies, in particular her postgraduate studies, have led her to be familiar with a range of scientific instruments and techniques including atomic force microscopy, neutron reflectivity and x-ray diffraction, amongst others.

Elizabeth entered the profession in 2018.

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