Dr Garry Stuttard

Partner - Patents

  • BA (Hons) Natural Science (Chemistry) — University of Oxford
  • PhD Chemistry — University of Oxford
  • Chartered Patent Attorney/European Patent Attorney
  • UK Legal 500 recommended lawyer 2020

Garry specialises in the protection of inventions relating to inorganic chemistry and materials science. This includes drafting and prosecuting patents relating to mixed metal oxides, alloys, ceramics, composites, glasses, organometallics and superconductors with industrial applications such as semiconductors, sensors, biosensors, catalysis, batteries, fuels, coatings, additives, pigments, dyes, surfactants and foodstuffs.

Garry has over 20 years’ experience in securing patent protection for individuals and organisations of all sizes. He has developed an extensive portfolio of specialist patent work in technical fields including materials science, electrochemistry, metallurgy, medicine, dentistry and agriculture.

Garry entered the profession in 1993. He joined UDL in 1998 and has been a partner since 2004.


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Case studies by Dr Garry Stuttard

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Obtaining a global patent portfolio to forge collaborative partnerships

A university came to us when it needed both legal support and expertise in chemistry and materials. We helped it to secure multiple patents worldwide.

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Extract Technology

Securing patent rights before a product launch

When you need patents drafted quickly for a very technical product, it helps to bring in a real industry expert to get to grips with the invention.

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Brandon Medical

Lighting the way for new medical technology

When securing patent protection for a number of complex aspects of an invention, the ability to submit robust technical arguments is key.

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