Why choose us?

Our people understand the pressures and demands you face. We question, listen and provide first-rate, practical solutions to meet your needs and help you make the right IP decisions.

Client testimonial
“UDL offered informed and knowledgeable advice, input and guidance.”

Q-Flo Limited

We build strong relationships

Our business is all about people. We employ straight-talking, engaging people who want to build solid relationships and long-term trust with our clients.

Our expertise and experience

We work across a broad range of sectors and our attorneys come from a variety of backgrounds in industrial, scientific, research and academic environments.

The knowledge, experience and qualifications held by our people is exceptional. Many of our attorneys have been recognised with awards for outstanding performance in their areas of practice and for outstanding performance in British and European qualifying examinations.

Client teams are selected on the basis of experience, technical background, and where relevant, your geographical location. Our people are very loyal, with almost half of them having worked for us for over ten years. This means we can provide you with a dedicated, accessible and stable client team.

Our approach and added value

Our attorneys provide commercial, pragmatic advice. We take time to understand your business. We always aim to make your life easier. We talk your language and always try to limit unnecessary jargon.

We believe we offer excellent value for money: a high-end service, delivered by highly skilled and experienced attorneys, at a reasonable cost. We add further value through a range of additional services including: client secondments, in-house professional development, training and IP seminars, legislation and case law reporting, and IP policy documents.

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