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Patents protect inventions by providing a monopoly for up to twenty years in return for a disclosure of the invention to the public. A patent can provide protection for a broad inventive concept or a narrow technological advance. The protection is a valuable business asset and an important commercial tool.

We provide a comprehensive service in all technical disciplines. We routinely handle the drafting and filing of patent applications in fields ranging from computer technology to biotechnology and from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals. We advise on the strengths and weaknesses of third party patents and also deal with maintenance, assignment, licensing and enforcement of patents.

We are European Patent Attorneys representing our clients at the European Patent Office during filing, examination of patent applications and in Opposition and Appeal proceedings. We also work with carefully chosen Attorney firms around the world in relation to patent matters in their countries. 


  • Keep your invention confidential before applying for a Patent

  • Patents cover the function and technical specifications of a new product or process

  • Granting a patent application can take several years

  • Patents must be renewed every year and last up to 20 years

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