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The UDL team of specialists have experience in all areas, including software, telecoms, and systems. We advise on approaches to UK and European law in this fast developing field.

Software and Fintech

Software and FinTech

The software industry is different from any other, both in terms of the technology itself and the profile of those that work within the sector.  Moreover, there are legal issues surrounding the protection of software which do not apply to other types of technology, and which require the identification of technical features that can serve as the basis for a patent.

Therefore, if you’re a software innovator, it is essential that you work with a patent attorney who talks your language, and who understands how your software works at a technical level rather than merely what it does.  Your patent attorney should be someone who practices in the protection of software as a matter of course not as a side line, and has a technical background which gives them an understanding of your industry and your product as well as the relevant patent law. 

It is these which qualities which set UDL apart from other IP firms in relation to software protection.  Our clients include key players in various software arenas, including: FinTech, blockchain and crypto-currency technologies, cyber security, artificial intelligence, medical applications, simulation software, telecoms, image processing and more.

At UDL, we combine this essential technical & legal knowledge with commercially astute, pragmatic advice to assist you in growing your software business.


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