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Our team is vastly experienced across the diverse fields of chemistry, materials and natural resources. We work with a wide range of clients from both the commercial and academic sectors, across a broad spectrum of technologies, including: medical and pharmaceutical chemistry, agrichemicals, petroleum chemistry, catalysts, polymers, nanotechnology, food chemistry, brewing technology, personal and home products, photographic materials, alloys and materials.

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In the UK, the chemical industry annually contributes an estimated £8 billion to the economy. Chemicals are fundamental to a number of significant industries including green tech, healthcare, aerospace, computing, electronic and optical equipment, food products, automotive, machinery, communications and electronics. IP protection (especially patents) is an established mechanism to capitalise on R&D in the sector, to add variety to revenue streams and complement an organisation’s primary business activities.

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Materials inventions often sit at the start of a complex commercial value chain, with a significant proportion of an end product’s value added downstream of the initial synthesis. For new manufacturers, there are likely to be opportunities for capturing IP assets across the value chain to get the best commercial return and help retain freedom to operate. A deep, varied patent portfolio can provide a variety of revenue streams without the burden of additional capital investment and infrastructure.

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