In the UK, the chemical industry annually contributes an estimated £8 billion to the economy. Chemicals are fundamental to a number of significant industries including green tech, healthcare, aerospace, computing, electronic and optical equipment, food products, automotive, machinery, communications and electronics. IP protection (especially patents) is an established mechanism to capitalise on R&D in the sector, to add variety to revenue streams and complement an organisation’s primary business activities.

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“We at SIG Plc have worked with Martin [Neilson] for many years and value his professional approach and the contribution he makes to our business. UDL’s services are important to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and protect our IP.”

Business Development Manager, New Building Technologies, SIG Performance Technology

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Our chemicals and materials attorneys have specialist expertise in general chemical technologies, in particular chemical manufacturing, metallurgy, ceramics, polymer materials, plastics and coatings as specific examples within physical, organic and inorganic chemistry. Our attorneys have many years’ experience advising clients on all aspects of chemistry-related patent matters including portfolio creation, management and exploitation to meet and exceed the objectives of clients. We also make an active contribution to clients’ businesses by helping to identify patentable subject matter to maximise a commercial position against competitors. Our attorneys are well-respected advisors who can assist clients in avoiding patent infringement as well as managing enforcement of patent rights.

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