Materials inventions often sit at the start of a complex commercial value chain, with a significant proportion of an end product’s value added downstream of the initial synthesis. For new manufacturers, there are likely to be opportunities for capturing IP assets across the value chain to get the best commercial return and help retain freedom to operate. A deep, varied patent portfolio can provide a variety of revenue streams without the burden of additional capital investment and infrastructure.

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“I worked with Ian [Atkinson] in collaboration with external commercial and academic partners for more than six years. His technical and legal ability really added value to our external reputation. What he does is not just about the patent. It is also about demonstrating control, commitment, promise adherence and quality. Ian is an exceptionally talented and very motivated individual and has added significant value to our organisation.”

Head of CVD Business Development, Element Six Ltd

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Our hi-tech materials attorneys have specialist materials expertise bridging chemistry and physics and take a holistic view of new materials inventions. We have decades of experience representing a range of clients in the materials sector including universities, start-ups, SMEs, and large multinational organisations. We handle new materials inventions addressing some of the main challenges facing the world today, including energy generation, storage, and usage; pollution reduction, environmental monitoring, and clean up; biomaterials and medical equipment for an increasing and ageing population; and thermal, electronic and quantum materials technologies to address the constraints of current silicon-based semiconductor technology in computing and electronics. Our attorneys have experience dealing with a wide range of materials including synthetic diamond and boron nitride materials; carbides; OLEDs and PLEDs; graphene; carbon nanotubes; semiconductors; photovoltaics; polymers; coatings; metals and alloys; cements and ceramics; textiles; pigments and dyes; composites; catalysts; glasses; organometallics; and superconductors.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Colour Tone Masterbatch Ltd

A masterstroke in plastic recycling

We secured global patent protection for a new black colourant for plastics which will enable more to be recycled using infrared sorting technology.


Case Study


Safer, more efficient external cladding

Our technical knowledge of the science behind the invention helped us to secure patent protection for SIG’s cladding.


Case Study


A solution to the world’s packaging problem?

Plastic pollution is a major problem. Floreon might just have the solution. We secured European protection for its innovative degradable plastics.


Materials insights

Some recent insights from our materials experts.



The fundamentals of battery development and patent protection

Here’s how battery tech innovators can protect and exploit their endeavours​​ in some creative ways.

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How smart is a smart fabric — does performance apparel deliver on the marketing hype?

Smart fabrics promise the wearer enhanced performance, but what's so special about these materials​?

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Trade marks


A celebration of sustainability in fashion

We look at the sustainable winners from the Walpole Luxury Awards 2018.

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