IP protection for fashion & luxury apparel

The need to design, manufacture and distribute products that are on-trend (as well as ethically-produced and environmentally-friendly) can create challenges for designers, suppliers and retailers. Today, when everything gets shared online, registering trade marks and designs early is vital to protect your creativity, goodwill and brand value. If your brand or product is copied, litigation is far easier when you have registered rights to rely on. Consumers are more conscientious than ever before, with sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and transportation all contributing to how sustainable your brand is. Many aspects of your production process could benefit from IP protection. Our clients include Hermès, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera and Ben de Lisi; producers of bespoke products (such as cashmere weavers) like Luxury Fabrics, N.Peal and Alfred Brown; international sportswear brands such as Kukri; and retailers such as JD Sports, Pure Collection and JoJo Maman Bebe.

Client Testimonial
“Alison [Cole] took the time to understand our business and our ambitions before offering any advice, which was refreshing. When the advice came it was both knowledgeable and pragmatic, enabling us to make decisions quickly and leading to a successful outcome.”

Nigel Musto Limited

How our attorneys can help with IP protection

Your products and brand represent the investment of your time, money and effort. You should therefore be able to protect yourself from competitors who might try to piggy-back on your success and be able to obtain the maximum possible return on the investment you’ve made — either through obtaining repeat sales, licensing or franchising, or ultimately selling the business. Whatever size your business, our IP attorneys can help guide you through the challenges, opportunities and decisions that come your way.

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