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When it comes to food and drink, modern consumers demand choice. They make informed decisions and demand good value, local sourcing and sustainable production. The competitive nature of the industry means that IP protection is vital — especially in the digital age, where food is not only eaten but tweeted and shared on Instagram. You must think about protecting all aspects of your food and drink products with intellectual property rights. This can cover the obvious names, logos and sub-brands as well as more obscure elements such as packaging and designs — anything that makes you stand out from the crowd could be protected and deserves consideration.

Client Testimonial
“We found Gareth Price both professional and knowledgeable. UDL's service to us, as a new UK drinks business with the world's first Skinny Lager (and making sure that we can protect the name globally in our class of goods) is invaluable to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition and protect our IP.”

Sales Director and Co-Founder, SkinnyBrands Ltd

Our work and how we can help you

Our clients range from leading global frozen food producers to bottled water charities, as well as artisan food producers and craft distilleries and breweries. We advise international wholesale producers and distributors right through to local, independent producers.

We provide robust, cost-effective, commercial legal solutions to the everyday challenges you encounter, helping you to identify, protect and enforce IP rights at every step of the product supply-chain:

Case studies

Case Study

White Heron

Protecting an ‘unprotectable’ trade mark

Despite concern that obtaining a trade mark for the French word for ‘blackcurrant’ would be impossible, we persevered, proving that reputation is key.

Case Study


Coming up against an infamous trade mark filer

Here’s what happened when we went up against a company with links to the infamous serial trade mark filer Michael Gleissner, on behalf of Lidl.

Case Study


Brand protection for a fast moving SME

Launching a new brand is full of difficulties — especially when you have no IP strategy in place. We educated one such brand to apply for trade marks.

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Eco-friendly packaging — can you protect your innovation with IP?

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Managing Partner - Leeds

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Managing Partner - London | Milton Keynes

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Senior Trade Mark Attorney - London

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Trade Mark Attorney - Cardiff

Dr Christine Lund-Beck

Senior Trade Mark Attorney - Milton Keynes

Christopher Banister

Trade Mark Attorney - London

Gareth Price

Partner - Leeds

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Partner - Newcastle

Mark Green

Partner - London

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Partner - Cardiff

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