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With Brexit and a weaker pound, the UK tourism industry has seen a huge increase in ‘staycations’, with a 5% year-on-year increase since the referendum. Similarly, the number of EU students choosing to study in the UK has grown by 3%. This presents fantastic opportunities for you to connect with the public, show what the UK has to offer and exploit your brands. Having IP protection in place before you advertise is therefore essential for maximising brand recognition, bolstering reputation and growing your business.

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With a higher volume of tourists and a huge increase in accessible online information, your brand needs to be recognisable, trustworthy and present good value for money. Similarly, design or patent protection for anything you’ve created or invented is a deterrent to any potential copycats and can give you an income (if licensed) or a monopoly (if exclusive) in providing those goods and services under your brand.

We provide robust, cost-effective, commercial legal solutions to the challenges encountered every day by businesses across the leisure, tourism and culture sector. We work with a range of businesses, from SMEs to major corporations. Our clients range from prestigious luxury hotel groups to city centre aparthotels; ferry and transport companies; education providers; fast food, restaurant and bar chains; event management and PR companies; as well as sports brands and venues.

Case studies

Case Study

Regent’s University London

Protecting a brand against an aggressive claimant

An aggressive approach to legal action doesn’t always work out well, as one University discovered by having its trade mark rights revoked.

Case Study


Putting an END to domain name infringement

We found a smart, low-cost, alternative way to deal with trade mark infringement for a world-famous clothing retailer.

Case Study

Mr Bingo

A full house for Mr Bingo

We found a creative, alternative way to resolve a copyright infringement dispute using the power of Instagram.

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