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By 2021, the UK entertainment and media sector will be worth £72 billion. Digital services will account for over 60% of this, helped by the 14.5 trillion MB of data being consumed on the UK’s 89 million smartphones. The UK advertising industry will be worth £20 billion, 75% of which will be digital. If the estimated value in this sector is accurate, brands need to be ready. You need to exploit this opportunity with innovative and engaging content to create the ultimate customer experience.

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“I’m very happy with this simple solution, as it’s now resolved without any messy business. BIG THANKS again to you for your help on this, I would have never reached this point without you”.

Mr Bingo (Artist)

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Whether you work in film and TV production, publishing, marketing, sport or the Internet — when it comes to IP, your primary consideration will be “how do we leverage our IP assets for a maximum return?” Key to this is understanding what IP your business owns, how to exploit it and any risks you face. We can assist with brand clearance, brand protection and enforcement, licensing, domain name disputes and copyright issues. If most of your content is digital, copyright issues and protecting your brand online are vital. It’s essential that contracts are put in place with third party developers and designers to ensure that your business owns the copyright in your content. You also need to consider brand clearance in advance of launch. Brand names, icons and characters should be registered as trade marks or designs. We work with a variety of clients from SMEs to university spin-offs, major publishing houses and content providers. Some of our clients include Octopus Publishing, MarathonBet, Jazz FM and Oxford Analytica.

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Case studies

Case Study

Mr Bingo

A full house for Mr Bingo

We found a creative, alternative way to resolve a copyright infringement dispute using the power of Instagram.


Case Study


Putting an END to domain name infringement

We found a smart, low-cost, alternative way to deal with trade mark infringement for a world-famous clothing retailer.


Case Study

Mr Bingo

A full house for Mr Bingo

We found a creative, alternative way to resolve a copyright infringement dispute using the power of Instagram.


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