To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive, digital age, retailers with a physical presence need to make their stores relevant and the customer experience enjoyable. Demanding consumers means that the digital space is just as important, with online sales now accounting for nearly a fifth of all retail sales. It has never been easier to shop and retailers need to exploit this opportunity, embrace omnichannel and get their brands noticed.

Client Testimonial
“Alison Cole listened, advised and then delivered on the correct design certificates for my new toy product. Alison was so knowledgeable on the options open to me. I now feel protected from copying in the UK marketplace. UDL offers a smooth and efficient service. I would most definitely use its services again. I have been so happy with the service I am beyond words really.”

Owner, Surefire Products

How we can help

The power of social media means that, with just one tag, retweet or like, today’s brands can become global overnight. Your IP protection needs to be in place before launch. When a new trend is popular, it’s guaranteed that counterfeit or inferior copies will follow. Investing in trade mark, design or patent protection is therefore vital.

Regardless of size, brands must protect IP globally and in a timely manner. Our work covers the entire supply chain, from primary producer through to end retailer. We advise on a number of different areas from patenting new production processes to trade marking and product infringement.

Whether you’re an independent firm or a large enterprise, in the digital age, your risk of infringement and passing-off is higher than ever. We know how valuable a product or design can be, and the damage that can be caused by competitors stealing your ideas. We truly understand IP in the consumer space and our expert team is well-equipped to advise you at all stages of gaining IP protection and enforcing your rights.

Case studies

Case Study


Putting an END to domain name infringement

We found a smart, low-cost, alternative way to deal with trade mark infringement for a world-famous clothing retailer.

Case Study


Putting an END to domain name infringement

We found a smart, low-cost, alternative way to deal with trade mark infringement for a world-famous clothing retailer.

Case Study

Mr Bingo

A full house for Mr Bingo

We found a creative, alternative way to resolve a copyright infringement dispute using the power of Instagram.

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Senior Trade Mark Attorney - London

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Managing Partner - London | Milton Keynes

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Senior Trade Mark Attorney - London

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Trade Mark Attorney - Cardiff

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Senior Trade Mark Attorney - Milton Keynes

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Trade Mark Attorney - London

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Partner - Newcastle

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Partner - London

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