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Whether you know it or not, IP is the keystone of the creative industries. Protecting your ideas, originality and business should be at the heart of what you do. Our experts have decades of experience working with creative agencies, games and app developers, publishers and media organisations — helping them to secure rights to their work, fight off copycats, protect their business and open up new revenue streams through licensing. To find out more about why you need to work with an experienced IP firm, select one of our sector pages below.

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Creative agencies

Your creativity and ideas — your intellectual property — are your business. Protecting them should be your priority.

IP law is complex and can be difficult to understand. But that shouldn’t be a barrier to protecting your business. All you need is the right partner.

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Games and apps

Today’s global audience for games is huge — and growing.

This trend, alongside increasing digitalisation, means that it has never been more important to protect the significant time, effort and creativity you put into your work and developing your brand from competitors, pirates and copycats.

Whether you’re a publisher concerned with increasing your market share or a developer looking to sustain your competitive advantage through process and product innovation, IP rights are hugely important. IP can attract investors and open up valuable new revenue streams through licensing and royalties.

In projects where every penny counts, this could make a decisive difference.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Shanghai Balance Automotive Equipment Co Ltd

Trade mark disputes — keep the faith (and your email records)

When a client’s distributor acted in bad faith, we successfully cancelled its trade marks by working closely with our client and its Chinese counsel.


Case Study

Crumbs Martech Ltd

Following the copyright crumb trail

When you commission an agency to work on a project, it's important to keep control of your IP — which is hard to achieve with a 'DIY' legal agreement.


Case Study

Anonymous creative agency

Client won't pay? Let us take it away...

Find out how an understanding of IP rights helped a creative agency get paid for its work after a client refused to pay.


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Nutricosmetics contain powerful benefits, but patenting them can be tricky... Here are our top tips.

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IP tips


Working together — who owns the patents?

Before collaborating to develop technology, it's important to clearly assign the ownership of IP.

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Trade marks


Guns N’ Rosé — welcome to the IP jungle

A new rock and roll-themed alcoholic drink hasn't gone down well with Guns N' Roses' lawyers...

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