IP protection for biotech

Biotechnology uses living organisms and their derivatives to improve our lives. It has applications in human and animal health, food production, non-food industrial uses and environmental uses. The sector spans diverse inventions including biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic methods, genetically modified crops, biofuels and environmental bioremediation. It is crucial to protect the products of expensive and time consuming R&D with a strong IP portfolio and to defend innovation against infringement.

How we can help protect your IP

We are a focussed, specialist group of IP attorneys representing and advising multinational companies, universities and SMEs that carry out leading R&D to obtain, manage and defend their worldwide IP rights and to challenge third-party IP rights. We also advise on due diligence, freedom to operate, patentability, infringement and mergers and acquisitions matters.

We have a multidisciplinary team of IP attorneys with technical backgrounds and experience in the chemical and biological fields, and a wealth of experience in brand protection. We have advised on biologics such as therapeutic antibodies, blood products, gene therapies, stem cells and vaccines, diagnostic methods for animal and human health applications such as those based on DNA, RNA and the microbiome, plant variety rights and biofuel production.

We are ideally placed to protect your biotechnology technology via patents, plant variety rights (plant breeder rights), supplementary protection certificates or trade marks.

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