IP protection for automotive & engineering

Innovation sets apart successful companies in the automotive, aeronautic, chemical and marine engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering sectors, with the development of new products and systems helping to secure and maintain strong market positions. Forward-thinking businesses recognise the importance of R&D but, in order to see a return on this investment, you need to be able to prevent competitors from exploiting your inventions. Our IP attorneys works with innovators in both commercial and academic institutions including multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, universities and spin-offs to protect their intellectual property. As qualified engineers and scientists ourselves, we’re perfectly suited to understand and discuss your technologies, and work closely alongside you to develop a IP protection strategy that best suits your goals and needs.

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Case studies

Case Study

Pinweld Ltd

Reduce, reuse, weld — driving environmental change in the automotive industry and beyond

Welding technology company Pinweld’s global patent portfolio enables its innovative technology to be used in any possible plastic welding application.

Case Study

Beattie Passive

Valuable patent protection for revolutionary energy-efficient housing

We helped the first British Passivhaus-certified company to secure a global patent portfolio for an innovative, low-energy housing system.

Case Study

Secure Micro

Navigating computer-implemented invention patents

Our automotive and software knowledge, and experience in computer-implemented inventions, enabled us to secure patents for an innovative start-up.

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