The trends of electrification, sustainability, autonomy and connectivity are pushing the automotive industry through a period of unprecedented change and significant innovation. Led by both traditional manufacturers and suppliers as well as new market disruptors, new technologies are constantly emerging relating to every aspect of a vehicle. This ranges from battery packs and electrified drivetrains to advanced materials and light-weighting techniques, software and cybersecurity systems. We’re also seeing a wave of collaboration as knowledge and resources are pooled, and innovators like Tesla open their patent portfolios with royalty-free licences. All of this means that intellectual property is back at the forefront of the automotive industry, enabling companies to develop the future of transport.

How we can help

Our automotive team has considerable experience at the cutting-edge of the industry. We partner with you to build patent portfolios that protect and exploit your investment in R&D, and assist you with the legal and technical challenges that the significant level of automotive innovation currently presents.

We help you identify and avoid competitor’s patents and equip you to navigate complex IP agreements. We also understand the importance of automotive design and how to best protect the shape and configuration of your innovative new products.

Whether you’re improving the thermal management of a battery pack, designing the shape of a new driverless car or entering into a collaboration agreement to develop an entire new vehicle, we can provide the commercially-minded advice and assistance you need to move forward securely in today’s complex patent landscape.

Case studies

Case Study

Secure Micro

Navigating computer-implemented invention patents

Our automotive and software knowledge, and experience in computer-implemented inventions, enabled us to secure patents for an innovative start-up.

Case Study

Shanghai Balance Automotive Equipment Co Ltd

Trade mark disputes — keep the faith (and your email records)

When a client’s distributor acted in bad faith, we successfully cancelled its trade marks by working closely with our client and its Chinese counsel.

Case Study


Putting the brakes on a trade mark opposition

Find out what happened when we defended Geely Holding Group Co Ltd against a trade mark opposition from Ford Motor Company.

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Partner - Cardiff

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Partner - Leeds

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Senior Patent Attorney - Milton Keynes

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Partner - Leeds

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Partner - Leeds

Christopher Banister

Trade Mark Attorney - London

Jonathan Higgs

Senior Patent Attorney - Milton Keynes

Nicole Cordy

Patent Attorney - Cardiff

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Patent Assistant - Leeds

Dr Philip Groves

Patent Assistant - Leeds

Dr Terence Broderick

Patent Attorney - Cardiff

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