IP protection for construction & infrastructure

The UK has some huge construction and infrastructure projects underway relating to energy, transport, waste, water, housing, regeneration and social infrastructure. These present opportunities for companies to produce innovative solutions to the infrastructure and construction challenges we’re faced with.

Moreover, the drive for the UK to become a low-carbon economy to tackle climate change presents innovators with the opportunity to tackle these challenges head-on. Challenges like load balancing on the power network to cope with the proliferation of electric vehicles, or the need to build more heat-efficient homes, require technical solutions which will have high commercial value to the industry as a whole.

It’s therefore vital that the IP you generate is protected, so that you receive the maximum reward for your endeavours.

How we can help with IP protection strategies

Our construction and infrastructure IP attorneys are well-equipped to help guide you.

Recent examples of our work in this sector include:

  • Obtaining a granted patent in numerous territories for a novel method of insulating a building.
  • Assisting in the pursuit of patent protection for a method of removing contaminants from a contaminated site.
  • Advising on international trade mark protection around a product for use on construction equipment.
  • Helping to pursue patent protection for a cladding system with improved thermal efficiency.

If you’ve developed a product or process which can solve one or more of the technical problems currently posed by the construction and infrastructure sector, or if you need to pursue worldwide protection for trade marks covering your products or services, please get in touch with our IP attorneys.

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Case studies

Case Study

Beattie Passive

Valuable patent protection for revolutionary energy-efficient housing

We helped the first British Passivhaus-certified company to secure a global patent portfolio for an innovative, low-energy housing system.

Case Study


Safer, more efficient external cladding

Our technical knowledge of the science behind the invention helped us to secure patent protection for SIG’s cladding.

Case Study


Helping a university spin-off protect its research

To successfully exploit groundbreaking research, Faultcurrent needed strong IP protection — so it came to us for assistance.

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