Software IP specialists — blockchain, cryptography, electronics & gaming

With a broad range of skills and specialisms, find out how our growing software team can support you. Encompassing computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists, our breadth of experience covers sectors as diverse as automotive, blockchain, cryptography, cybersecurity, electronics, games, healthcare, telecoms and immersive technologies. We work with industry leaders including Amazon, CyberCube Analytics, nChain, NTT, Sony Interactive Entertainment and ZTE, as well as SMEs and start-ups. We provide robust and informed IP procurement, guidance and enforcement strategies in addition to straightforward, commercially focused advice. Reach our software team directly at

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Case studies

Case Study

Secure Sensor Innovative Design Ltd

Expertise in patenting abstract subject matter secures vital maths-based technology for care industry

We carefully drafted and filed a patent application for an invention that applies mathematics to a major problem faced by the care industry.

Case Study

Georgia Tech Research Corporation

How to patent mathematics — overcoming patentability exclusions with industry-leading expertise

We successfully prosecuted a European patent application relating to 5G technology by using our industry-leading expertise in mathematics.

Case Study

Medisyne Ltd

How to patent software — avoiding patentability exclusions with AI and ML

We helped a client to secure vital funding and avoid notorious patentability exclusions by filing a patent to protect its software-focused technology.

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