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Since Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper was published in 2008, the uses for blockchain technology have exploded into a diverse range of subject areas rich with ideas and innovation — and this shows no signs of slowing down.

Smart contracts which control, maintain and transfer ownership of real-world assets can be automatically executed. Decentralised rewards can be earned by solar energy producers. The Internet of Things ecosystem is extending to direct communication between smart devices. The versatility and decentralised nature of blockchain technology is being constantly demonstrated, and its set of new and innovative use cases will only expand further.

Our specialist blockchain practice has filed and prosecuted hundreds of patent applications relating to blockchain technology worldwide, so we’re well-placed to help you identify and protect your blockchain-related inventions.

Our expertise — how we can help you

We have a unique understanding of blockchain technology and its growing importance across all sectors, especially in finance, telecommunications, data protection and cryptographic security. Our team has drafted and prosecuted a vast number of patent applications directed to inventions that exploit the mathematics underlying blockchain technology and cryptographic techniques, which have been developed to more effectively store, share and manipulate on-chain information.

Many of our attorneys have backgrounds in theoretical physics, which provides a strong base for working with inventors in many diverse areas of blockchain technology such as cryptographic security, data sharing, signature schemes, smart contracts and cryptocurrency transactions. Others have backgrounds in computer science, software engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives them a solid understanding of the network platforms, protocols and software aspects of this technology. This is evident in our experience of drafting and prosecuting applications relating to scripting techniques, digital wallets, compilers and other blockchain-related technologies.

Our blockchain experts are located across the UK. Get in touch today to speak to an expert and find out how we can partner with you.

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