IP protection for electronics, infrastructure and hardware

We have experience in all areas of electronics including systems, hi-tech, semiconductors, medical physics, imaging and optics, as well as information technology and physical science areas.

How we can help

Our team of professionals work with a wide range of clients across the commercial and academic sectors. We advise start-ups, universities and spin-offs, SMEs and multinational consumer electronics manufacturers in protecting inventions and gaining market share in the face of competitor IP.

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Case studies

Case Study

Submer Technologies SL

Building a global IP portfolio for the pandemic and beyond

We helped a next-generation datacentre solutions provider to build a global IP portfolio which secures its assets through the pandemic and beyond.

Case Study

Brandon Medical

Lighting the way for new medical technology

When securing patent protection for a number of complex aspects of an invention, the ability to submit robust technical arguments is key.

Case Study

Secure Micro

Navigating computer-implemented invention patents

Our automotive and software knowledge, and experience in computer-implemented inventions, enabled us to secure patents for an innovative start-up.

Meet our team

Dr Terence Broderick

Patent Attorney

Dr Nick Burton

Partner - Patents

Ian Byworth

Partner - Patents / Trade marks

Dr Clare Collins

Patent Attorney

Nicole Cordy

Patent Attorney

Dr Jocelyn Retter

Patent Attorney

Arthur Roberts

Patent Assistant

Anna Szpek

Senior Trade Mark Attorney

Martin Vinsome

Partner - Patents

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