Electronics and telecoms

Electronics and telecoms is relevant to almost everything across the western world. The sector has experienced significant growth over recent years, and is about to develop further with the advent of the fifth generation (5G) network. This is set to drastically increase data transmission and consumption, fundamentally progressing the already digital world we live in.

How we can help

We have experience in all areas, including telecoms, software, systems, hi-tech, semiconductors, telecommunications, systems, medical physics, imaging and optics, and all information technology and physical science areas. Our team of professionals work with a wide range of clients across the commercial and academic sectors. We advise start-ups, universities and spin-offs, SMEs and multinational consumer electronics manufacturers in protecting inventions and gaining market share in the face of competitor IP.

Case studies

Case Study

Crumbs Martech Ltd

Following the copyright crumb trail

When you commission an agency to work on a project, it's important to keep control of your IP — which is hard to achieve with a 'DIY' legal agreement.

Case Study

Anonymous creative agency

Client won't pay? Let us take it away...

Find out how an understanding of IP rights helped a creative agency get paid for its work after a client refused to pay.

Case Study

Mr Bingo

A full house for Mr Bingo

We found a creative, alternative way to resolve a copyright infringement dispute using the power of Instagram.

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Meet our team

Dr Andrew Alton

Partner - Leeds

Ian Byworth

Partner - Newcastle

Dr Jocelyn Retter

Patent Attorney - Newcastle

Martin Vinsome

Partner - Newcastle

Dr Nick Burton

Partner - Leeds

Dr Paul Dakers

Patent Assistant - Leeds

Dr Terence Broderick

Patent Attorney - Cardiff

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