XR (Extended Reality)

The possibilities unlocked by XR technologies appear to be endless. We’re seeing an enormous amount of innovation across the reality-virtuality continuum — virtual reality (VR) gaming is gaining popularity and becoming more affordable to consumers, augmented virtuality (AV) is seeing extensive R&D and augmented reality (AR) is spreading into the public sphere through health tech, wearables and apps. Being proactive about protecting your intellectual property allows you to gain a commercial advantage in such a fast-moving and cutting-edge area of technology.

How we can help

We have a wealth of experience in protecting computer-implemented inventions, wearable technology, optics, electrical devices, telecommunications and AR technologies.

From methods of image pre-warping, foveated rendering and surround-sound audio processing to lens construction, motion-sensor technology and ergonomics, the single example of a virtual reality headset demonstrates a variety of technological innovations that benefit from patent protection. Our level of technical knowledge means that we can quickly get to grips with how your invention works and assess your intellectual property needs.

Case studies

Case Study

Extract Technology

Securing patent rights before a product launch

When you need patents drafted quickly for a very technical product, it helps to bring in a real industry expert to get to grips with the invention.

Case Study


Helping a university spin-off protect its research

To successfully exploit groundbreaking research, Faultcurrent needed strong IP protection — so it came to us for assistance.

Case Study


Obtaining a global patent portfolio to forge collaborative partnerships

A university came to us when it needed both legal support and expertise in chemistry and materials. We helped it to secure multiple patents worldwide.

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