Copyright protects a very broad range of what can be described as ‘creative’ activities.

In addition to literary, musical and artistic works, copyright can be used to protect the creative effort which goes into ‘works’ as diverse as software, website design, films and radio broadcasts. We can advise you on what can be protected and the scope of your rights, as well as the length of time your protection may last. We can also advise you on what to do in the event that you find your copyright being infringed or if you face an allegation that you have infringed another person’s rights.

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How long copyright protection lasts

In the UK and many other countries, copyright generally lasts for a minimum of life of the ‘author’ plus 70 years for most types of written, dramatic and artistic works. For other types of work, the length of protection may vary.

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Automatic copyright protection

To get the benefit of copyright protection, a work must be ‘original’ in that there has been sufficient skill, judgement and individual effort in its production and the work has not been copied from another.

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International copyright protection

Copyright protection is a national right and therefore the scope of protection given to artists and authors is different from country to country and depends upon national legislation.

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Copyright ownership

The first owner of a copyright work is the author, unless the work was created in the course of the employment of that individual, in which case the copyright work is owned by the employer.

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Copyright infringement

When you find that someone has copied your work without your authorisation, they may have infringed your copyright. In this situation, a copyright owner may bring a civil action seeking a number of remedies.

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Trade secrets

​Trade secret or confidential information protection often compliments registered and unregistered intellectual property.

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IP tips


A simple guide to marking your IP rights

We explore the correct ways to mark products, services and creations with details of your IP rights.

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