Our patent attorneys have filed more than 140,000 patents

Our experienced patent attorneys have wide-ranging scientific and technical backgrounds, which means we’re able to speak your language and develop a fundamental understanding of the technology underlying your inventions. We represent clients at the UK and European Patent Offices in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications, as well as opposition, revocation and appeal proceedings.

Client Testimonial
“We have worked with Martin [Neilson] for many years and value his professional approach and the contribution he makes to our business. UDL’s services are important to ensure we stay ahead of the competition and protect our IP.”

Business Development Manager, New Building Technologies, SIG Performance Technology

Our services:

  • Drafting patent specifications
  • Invention review and pre-filing advice
  • Filing patent applications in the UK, Europe and internationally
  • Navigating the patent application process through to acceptance
  • Patent term extensions
  • Providing patentability and product freedom to operate searches and opinions
  • IP audits and invention harvesting
  • Patent due diligence and advising on patents related to transactions
  • Patent watches and monitoring competitor’s patent portfolios
  • Monitoring and maintaining a patent portfolio with strategic review and advice
  • Defending patents from third party challenges, including opposition and revocation proceedings
  • Infringement opinions and advice on enforcing patent rights
  • Patent litigation — enforcement and defence
  • Advising on commercial agreements including assignments, licences, securities and co-ownerships
  • Licensing
  • Restoration of patents
  • IP awareness and staff training

We've got it covered

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Patent protection

A patent protects the inventive concept behind a product.

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Why you should patent an invention

A patent is a valuable business asset and an important commercial tool, and can be used in many different ways.

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How to get a patent

In order to be awarded a patent, an invention must be ‘novel’ and ‘inventive’ at the date it is filed.

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The patent procedure

The procedure for obtaining a patent in the UK can be broadly divided into five main stages: filing, search, publication, examination and grant.

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Filing patents internationally

You must file separate patent applications in each country where protection is required. There are options for making the process of obtaining multiple international patents more straightforward, efficient and cost effective.

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Patent ownership

Ownership of an invention is not always clear, and disputes often arise.

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Patent infringement

Any person will also infringe your patent if they sell, offer for sale, import, export or use any product or process that falls within the scope of your patent.

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Patent box — tax relief

It’s possible to pay a lower rate of corporation tax through the UK Government’s Patent Box scheme.

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Case studies

Case Study

Anonymous medical client

Taking a scalpel to a European patent

We identified a fatal flaw and entirely revoked a competitor’s patent on the rare basis of insufficiency.

Case Study


A solution to the world’s packaging problem?

Plastic pollution is a major problem. Floreon might just have the solution. We secured European protection for its innovative degradable plastics.

Case Study


Safer, more efficient external cladding

Our technical knowledge of the science behind the invention helped us to secure patent protection for SIG’s cladding.

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How to manage your patent portfolio

From filing to pruning, we explore the key considerations when managing your patent portfolio.

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IP tips


How to protect software with intellectual property rights — the basics

Find out how each of the four main IP rights can be applied to software-related inventions.

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Innovations in carbon composite recycling — solving the pyrolysis problem

Carbon composites are difficult to recycle and reuse — we explore the latest techniques.

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