What is the UK Government's Patent Box/R&D Tax Relief Scheme?

It’s possible to pay a lower rate of corporation tax on the profits you earn from patented inventions, products that include a patented component, or products produced by a patented process through the UK Government’s Patent Box scheme.

Find out more about Patent Box here.

How we can help

We can help you to assess whether it’s worth securing a patent for the primary purpose of a Patent Box application, even if the patent has limited other commercial benefit. We can advise you on a strategy to obtain patent rights and map existing patent rights to your products and processes that will maximise your claim under Patent Box.

Key people

Meet some of our patents team.

Dr Alan Jones

Partner - Patents

Dr Andrew Alton


Dr Garry Stuttard

Partner - Patents

Ian Byworth

Partner - Patents / Trade marks

Mark Davies

Partner - Patents

Mark Green


Dr Martin Neilson

Partner - Patents

Martin Vinsome

Partner - Patents

Dr Neil Pawlyn

Managing Partner - Patents / Trade marks

Robert Orr

Partner - Patents

Dr Simon Mitchell

Partner - Patents

Simon Raynor

Partner - Patents

Tom Baker

Partner - Patents

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