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Trade Marks

Trade Marks

Corporate identity, a company's brand names or logos can be the most valuable marketing tool that it owns. Quite simply, trade marks sell products and services.

Registration of a trade mark protects this important business asset, giving the proprietor the legal remedy to prevent others from using the same or similar mark and protecting your legitimate service industry or manufacturing base.

We provide a full range of trade mark services in the United Kingdom,at the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and at the International Office (WIPO), including advising on the adoption of new trade marks, filing and prosecuting applications, dealing with objections, advice regarding third party rights, oppositions, cancellation actions, licensing, maintenance of registrations and litigation. We review trade mark portfolios to help you decide if your brands are properly protected.

We work with carefully chosen Attorney firms around the world in relation to Trade Mark matters in their countries and can advise you if you are considering using your mark internationally.


  • A brand is much more than a trade name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything used to identify a specific product, service or business

  • Check your proposed brand name does not infringe someone else's rights

  • Trade marks have to be renewed every 10 years

  • If you don't use your trade mark for 5 years, it can be struck off the Register

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